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  • Affordable Denture implants. One Price from Start to Finish.

  • Free CT Scan and Consultation. No Extra Charges. No Hidden Fees.

  • New Teeth in Just One Day!

  • Multiple Sedation Options - sleep while we work.

  • Exceptional patient experience with gentle and pain-free treatment options.
  • Teeth that look and feel natural. No more loose dentures or missing teeth!

  • We place and restore your implants and teeth right here in our office so that you won't be referred anywhere

We are your best option in the Rock Hill - Fort Mill area for Full Mouth Dental Implants, Denture Implants and Implant Bridges.

Experience, art, and technology come together to create the perfect solution for missing teeth.

We have everything you need for your dental implant under one roof... you don't need to visit multiple dentists.

Smile More Confidently. Eat the foods you want to eat. Live Better.

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Why choose us for your New Teeth?

New Teeth in One Day!

We can place your implants and affix your prosthetic teeth in just one day!

Financing Available

New teeth starting at $300 per month! Financing plans meet your needs, including affordable monthly payments.

Complimentary Consultation

Free Consultation with 3D X-Rays ($500 value). No hidden fees or costs.

Five Star Rated Results

You and everyone else will love your new smile! We guarantee it.

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Learn More About Implant Dentures

Dentures are a way to replace a number of missing teeth so that functionally, you can chew your food and have a nice smile. However, since dentures sit in the mouth on top of the gums there are no tooth roots to anchor and stimulate bone growth and strengthen the jawbone. This leads to bone loss, receding gums, changes in the shape and profile of one's face as well as periodontal disease.

In addition to the physical changes they cause in your face, dentures often need to be resized, they can cause sores in the mouth from friction, they slip and can impair your ability to speak clearly.

A healthier alternative to traditional dentures is the Implant Supported Denture. This is a combination of a number of implants surgically implanted into the jawbone (good for bone stimulation and growth) and a denture which can be removed and cleaned. This option prevents bone deterioration that can lead to periodontal disease. Patients who go this route also experience an easier time talking and chewing. In addition to these benefits, since there is no bone loss in the jaw there is no slippage and the denture does not need to be resized.

We are pleased to offer:

  • All-on-4 and All-on-6: We can now replace an entire arch using as few as four dental implants! The implants are placed around your dental arch, with two angled at the back of your jaw for stability. A restoration (bridge or denture) is then attached. This gives you the look and function of a full arch of teeth without using an implant for every missing tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Dental implants are able to give you a superior level of support and stability when used with dentures. Implant-supported dentures use a few implants to keep your denture in place. A bar runs from one implant to the others and attaches to the back of the denture to keep it in place. This eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives and restores the full look of your smile. You can finally eat the food you want to eat!
  • Implant-Retained Dentures: These are similar to implant-supported dentures in that they use dental implants to secure dentures, but they are still removable. The implants have ball fixtures placed on top of them, and the denture can snap into the balls.


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